"How & What You Sell Matters.

But How Your Customer Feels, When They

Engage With You, Matters More"

Tiffani Bova (Growth & Innovation Evangelist)

All through my years in this field, I have seen business spend a substantial amount of time and money into making a successful impact in an Exhibition, Trade Shows, etc. This is done to promote their Products and increase their Brand awareness in the public eye.

And let me tell you, it takes a lot of planning, hard work, teamwork and focus to make it a success. And all this has to be put on a display for the public to see and appreciate which in turn benefits your business.

So, how do you engage the people who walk into your Exhibition booth?

How do you make them stay longer and keep their interest focused on your products?

Hi once again, this is Kompal Bhardwaj, General Manager - Dsigner Studio, The Best Exhibition Stall Fabricators, and Interior Designers in our Beautiful Delhi and NCR and today I’m going to share with you my tips and points on how to keep your booth visitors, engaged for a longer time in an Exhibition.

1. Distinctive Exhibition Booth

I have discussed a lot in my previous blogs on the importance of having a state-of-the-art Exhibition booth. Your booth is the first thing that a visitor to the exhibition will see and notice. It should be distinctive, innovative and creative. But not any eye sore.

Use of strong graphics, well placed lights, creative designs, all play into this distinctiveness. And as you all know by now, we at Dsigner Studio have always been trend setters with the latest in design and technology. We have taken our clients ideas and transformed them into a piece of art called the Exhibition booth. And keeping every design unique in its own way is something we are proud of.

2. Unexpected Elements

Bring in a unique and unexpected element into your booth. Be creative and think of an idea that would just wow your visitors and create more foot fall into your Exhibition booth. Even the simplest of things can create a buzz in an exhibition. Relating these ideas to your product is a great idea to increase visibility.

3. Lounge Area

Make a provision to setup a small lounge area in your booth. It doesn’t have to be a lavish setting. Putting up some refreshments, a comfortable seating area, mobile charging point, etc will not only make your visitors comfortable, but also give you more opportunities in engaging them in conversation about your products and business.

4. The use of VR

In my previous Blog (Transform your Exhibition Stand), I have spoken in depth about the use of VR (Virtual Reality) in an Exhibition booth.

This is exceptionally useful wherein you can give the visitor a life like experience of your Products / Services. Sometimes it’s not feasible to display certain products/services at your booth and hence the VR helps in overcoming this limitation and gives the visitor a better understanding of the product and its workings. Not to mention keeping them engaged in your booth for a longer time.

5. Arrange a Competition

You can capture the attention of your booth visitors by arranging a competition and giving away prizes for the same. Focus the competition around your Products/Brand, by this you’ll be creating an awareness of your products and at the same time keep the visitors engaged in your booth. Not all Exhibitions should be serious. A little bit of fun is allowed and it does wonders in building a friendly rapport with the visitors.

6. Special Deals

This idea depends solely on the type of products you are promoting at the exhibition. If viable, you can offer special discounts on the purchase of your products exclusively at your exhibition booth. You can also offer gift coupons that can be redeemed later at your outlet/store. This is a good way to increase your brand awareness.

7. Experiencing your product

It doesn't matter if your marketing something small or big. Having an actual version of your product and letting your visitors to have a touch and feel of it is an invaluable asset to have. Not only does your visitor get a first-hand experience of your product and its working, but this also allows you to explain and demonstrate your product. Be sure to give a personal touch it, which will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your visitors.

8. Dynamic Team

Having a motivated, dynamic, disciplined and experienced team is the most important factor for a successful exhibition. These are the people that will be meeting and greeting every visitor to your booth. How they deal with the visitor will determine if that visitor leaves as a satisfied customer or not. Keeping the visitor engaged at your booth for a longer period of time is important, but more than that getting that visitor to become a customer is imperative too.  And it’s important that as a business owner, you keep the team motivated and well prepared.

Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Expos are a great way to showcase your products at a large audience. And taking part in these is beneficial for any business, irrespective if your selling a product or a service. With the main aim of visibility, it is also equally important to engage the visitors at your booth. Keeping them at your booth for a longer time, will peak their interest in your product and eventually convert them from just a visitor into a customer.

At Dsigner Studio, as always, our aim is to focus on doing the best for our clients. With years of experience, we have adapted ourselves as per the changing trends of the industry to stay updated and motivated, and it reflects in our final designs. Our team of dedicated designers are constantly upgrading and innovating themselves in order to give unmatched and world class designs.

This is Kompal Bhardwaj signing off until I meet you soon with another interesting topic of discussion. Ciao.

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