It's been over a decade since I have been in the industry of exhibition curation as an Exhibition Expert & Consultant, and I have had the good fortune of witnessing the emerging trends in creating innovative stall designs that garner enormous foot traffic in exhibition stalls.

It is this very same attribute that has helped me understand the other primary factors that decide the influx of foot traffic in a stall. The foot traffic decides the intensity of sales which in turn boosts the brand image. This offers a tremendous opportunity to exponentially increase the foot traffic in return by word-of-mouth marketing taken over by your satisfied and loyal customers!

Therefore, it is crucial to understand that it is not just important to have a kickass product to display in an exhibition but it is more important to know how to attract and drive more foot traffic into your stalls.

Hence, I decided to share with you all the 5 effective ways to increase foot traffic into your stall, which is a culmination of what I have learned from my own experience and from my fellow exhibition stall designers.

So, here it goes:


The first thing visitors in an exhibition will notice about your stall is the sign board outside it! The signboard contains pretty much all the information that your prospective customer needs to know about you. So ensure that it is creative, thoughtful and speaks the same language as your brand, in terms of the colors, look and feel and the positioning in front of your stall.

One of the trending types of stall indicators in international exhibitions is the use of high brand-rigging props that can be hung from the ceiling, in different shapes and sizes. They offer a spectacular and an unmissable view of your brand and stall even from afar!

Hire exhibition stand designers in your city who are known for creating unique sign boards.


Accessorizing your stall is important to enhance the ambience inside it. You may do so with live plants to give it a more natural feel. Adding elements or props of artistic excellence and attractive colors that give the viewer a sense of joy can also boost the ambience of your stall. A pleasant smelling incense, candle or room spray may also be used alongside.

Gamification has been one of the emerging trends in creating ambient stall interiors. Having fun virtual reality games that allow you to display the scores on a leader board in your stall can attract more foot traffic. This can be customized and designed when you go in for your exhibition stall fabrication.

Another innovative way would be to install interactive LED floors inside your stall so that visitors can enjoy stepping in and seeing the floor light up! And whilst that can attract more foot traffic, offering refreshments as they step in after a tiring round of the exhibition, will augment the ambience you provide at your stall!!


Before you come into the exhibition, do a study on the various categories of visitors who will be attending the exhibition. Once you know that, customize your marketing plan for each category of attendees so that they experience a personal touch when they come into your stall.

For instance if your exhibition is garnering more women than men, then chances are they would walk into a stall that has a poster of a woman with a strong persona, promoting a product and looking happy about it! This gives them an impression that your brand is pro-women.

Offer customized discounts or offers to attract more foot traffic. A good example would be putting up a sign that says “Buy one get one free!! if your best friend and you buy the product.” Such a promotional message is bound to attract more visitors into your stall, primarily out of curiosity!


One of the finest strategies I have come across in my experience, in making more foot traffic flow in, is the use of the stall as an experience hub. When visitors come into your stall, give them a firsthand experience of your biggest product or service as you demonstrate.

Allow the visitors to experience it so that they get a sense of satisfaction which will increase your possibility of sales, up the notch. This can be facilitated by creating the right interiors for your stall to enhance this experience. Moreover, using technological tools to aid in the experience can also offer you an opportunity to garner relevant data of your visitors to be routed to your in-house sales team for future promotions.

When you give your visitors a firsthand experience, the chances are that they will market the product or service, on your behalf, by word-of-mouth thereby, increasing the foot traffic in your stall.


It's the digital era now where the authenticity of products, services and even people is checked online! With that in mind, it is important to have an authentic online website that can describe your products and services in detail.

Moreover, this is a foolproof option to collect lead information by getting them to register as soon as they open your website. Feedback ratings and reviews can also be collected in the same manner so that substantial data is available to assess the performance of your brand in the exhibition.

For ease of access, make sure you have the QR code of your website printed on your exhibition stand or sign board kept outside your stall. Even if some visitors choose not to enter, chances are that they’ll scan the code to view your website. Once that happens you can always keep track and send them promotional emails to increase your chances of sales.

Knowing your target audience and preparing yourself well in advance with all the strategies I have shared with you, is bound to increase the foot traffic in your stalls. And as it happens, so will your sales!

Until then this is Kompal Bhardwaj signing off.

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