"Diligent follow up and follow through will set you apart from the crowd and communicate excellence to you customers"

At Dsigner Studio we follow a simple philosophy: Any prospective customer can be converted into a loyal customer only by following up with them on a regular basis.

Hi once again, This is Kompal Bhardwaj, your very own Exhibition Expert and Consultant from Dsigner Studio, The Best Exhibition Stall Fabricators, and Interior Designers in our Beautiful Delhi and NCR.

Today I'll share with you on how to improve on your visitor follow ups post Exhibitions.

In such a competitive world, every business needs to have an edge over the other. Many people think that Business Marketing is revolved around the research and presentation of your product in the best ways possible to the customer.

In fact, the strategy to follow up with your potential customer in order to leave no doubts in their mind to buy your product is an even more important Business Marketing strategy.This is what many businesses forget and end up losing their potential customers.

Your follow up strategy should begin with the very first contact with a visitor at your exhibition booth. And this is often overlooked by many businesses. Formulating a post exhibition strategy is also very important, because that’s where the connecting with your potential customer begins.

Ways to follow up with potential customer

1) CRM tool - The first and basic thing to do is, to make a list of the visitors to your booth. Try to get as much basic contact details as possible, most importantly Name, contact number and Email ID. Try to add a personal note or marking to each visitor's profile which will help you to remember them individually in one way or the other. This will also help you to filter out the list and target potentially viable customers.

The best thing is to capture the date in CRM tool on your exhibition stand only, where you can digitally capture all the information and parallely you can send and e brochure of the interested product (customer enquired about ) along with a thank you message.

2) Communication with your visitors - Deciding your communication channel is entirely up to you. Either via Email or Phone. With an email, you can make your product more presentable visually and give more details. However, you’re cannot be sure if the visitor has actually opened and read it. By calling them immediately after the expo is over, you’re able to speak with them directly and remind about the interaction you had with him during his visit on your booth.

3) Social Media - Interacting with your potential customers via various social media platforms is also a good way to communicate. Social media gives it a personal touch as you will have to first make friends with the person. But try not to be over zealous and look like a stalker!

4) Provide New Information - Don’t make your follow up feel like a regular sales pitch. Don’t follow the official template given to you. Try to communicate in a more friendly and relaxed manner, while keeping in mind the aim of your conversation.

Focus on what the customer wants and not what you want to sell. This will build a level of trust and make them comfortable. Also, try not to make your conversations too lengthy. Time is valuable and you have a long list to follow up.

5) Ending a conversation with a defined next step - If your communication with the customer went well, get them to agree on a next step. Capitalize on the moment and lock them down for the next follow up, by scheduling them for the next step. Don't take "I'll get back to you later" as an answer, instead fix an appointment for a Coffee at his office!!

6) Be Persistent, but don’t overdo it - Following up too often will make you seem desperate and annoying, and this makes the customer uncomfortable. Try to schedule your follows up within a comfortable space of time. You'll also have to assess the negatives of your follow ups and if you feel the customer is not interested, leave a message telling them that your available whenever they want to schedule a call and leave it at that.

At times, customer follow up is not an easy task to handle. But its essential to be persistent without being annoying. If you stay focused, be polite, schedule your conversations in a timely manner, build a friendly rapport with your customer, use different mediums of contact, then your efforts will be rewarded.

Try to remember you can not convert each and every visitor to your booth into a customer, but you can leave an impression in their minds and convert them into future customers.

We here at Dsigner Studios, try to help our customers by keeping them updated with new trends and news in the business world, through our blogs. I hope this blog post of mine has shed some light on how you improvise your follow-ups post exhibition. This is Kompal Bhardwaj signing off until I meet you soon with another interesting topic of discussion. Ciao.

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