The days that I am not creating phenomenal exhibition experiences, I double as an extremely enthusiastic Interior Designer! I find joy in interacting with my clients, getting to know them personally and helping them arrive at a unique approach towards creating the home of their dreams! And of late I have observed an emerging trend of people experimenting with different styles that suit their taste in redesigning their spaces.

Hi! This is Kompal Bhardwaj, General Manager - Dsigner Studio, the best exhibition stall fabricators and interior designers in the city, and going forward I am going to dwell into the realms of residential interior designing as I had received quite a few requests to talk about this from many of you looking to redesign your homes.

Since the field of interior designing, be it for your home or office, is pretty wide, I decided to chunk it down to a series of smaller blogs that can give you an insight into this realm. So for starters, I shall enlighten you about the 5 important things you need to know before you redesign your home and here it goes:

1. Understand your intention behind wanting to redesign your home

The first step to redesigning your home is knowing why you want to do so. There could be multiple reasons for wanting a new look and feel in your home. It could be to enhance space or to fill it up; to bring in more lighting or to reduce the excess inflow of light; to bring in more colors or to give it an elegant vintage look. The reasons could be many but it is primarily important to understand which element of your home needs to be worked upon to meet your needs so that you can choose the type of interiors you would want in your home.

2. Decide which part of your home you want to redesign

Once you know which elements of your home need to be redesigned so that the overall experience is desirable, it is important to decide which part of your home you would want to be worked upon. It could be just one room or the entire home depending on what you intend to make out of it.

What is the feeling that you would want to experience when you visit a particular part of your home is one of the important factors in deciding it. For instance, one of my clients in the bustling city of Gurgaon wanted a calm and soothing place with plants around so that they could enjoy their private time sipping morning tea together. Hence, my team and I decided to redesign their mundane balcony into a space with a bamboo swing surrounded by various plants and decor to make it seem more natural.

3. Figure out how much you are willing to invest in redesigning

Redesigning your home would mean investing a good amount of money in creating the home of your dreams. So choose the elements that need to be worked upon rather wisely, if you are on a tight budget. From furnishings to the decor to the colors, ensure that you choose what suits your taste as well as your budget.

Dsigner Studio offer a platter of options for you to choose from that are suitable for your taste as well as your budget as this makes the entire process of redesigning, a worthy investment while you get the home of your dreams at a nominal amount that you can afford without any guilt!

4. Choose the right interior designer for you

Before you call up any interior designer, do your own research on all the top-rated interior designers in Delhi and NCR and go through their portfolios, their previous works and testimonials to get a fair idea for comparison. It is very important that you find a designer who you can strike a good rapport with and who can understand your needs, likes and dislikes when it comes to giving your space a brand new look.

5. Give yourself and your redesigners space and time to create the magic

Redesigning is like creating a beautiful piece of art. It takes a good deal of time and patience in order to get the desired outcome. So it is important to give your designers and yourselves the uninterrupted time, uninhibited space and tonnes of patience to let the magic happen in your home! Let them work their magic so that you can have your dream haven!!

So, folks! Getting your home space reworked can seem quite challenging but if you have the right experts to guide you and give you the joy of walking into a brand new dimension of your home, then the whole process of creating your dream home will become a cake-walk. And we at Dsigner Studio specialize in just the same! So I would invite you to come and fall in love all over again with your home’s new look, with us!!

Until I meet you in my next blog post, this is Kompal Bhardwaj signing off. Ciao!

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