With the advent of social media and other online platforms, people have been swarming over the internet like bees to primarily communicate with each other; go on dates; promote their brands; turn their homes into a mini-cinema hall with movies and popcorn; trade products, goods and solutions; and for some, even to learn rocket science!

Amidst the pompous glory of the internet taking over the world, there has been one aspect of human interaction that still holds its pristine status - face-to-face interaction, its core untouched by the internet.

On any given day, face-to-face interaction trumps the other channels that people use to communicate, as it brings in an element of intimacy and trust that pave the way for future relationships. Moreover, it also offers the advantage of using all our five senses to form a perception about the quality of the interaction, especially to calibrate the authenticity exhibited through one’s body language.

It is exactly this edge that most of the businesspersons who have carved out a niche for themselves, possess while promoting their businesses. From trading goods and services more effectively to building a well fortified clientele that can be sustained on a long run, and increased customer satisfaction, face-to-face interaction has been proven to be constructive for them in so many ways.

Now imagine, what a conglomeration of face-to-face business interactions would lead to! That too, at a particular time and in a common place! As a customer, you would have a platter of options to be able to move along from one business to another without feeling judged or guilty.

And as a salesperson selling your business, you would have a never-ending fleet of customers pouring in, thereby, increasing your overall chance to boost your sales.This is what we call a trade exhibition. A place to nurture the growth of your business, multifold. To understand how such a trade exhibition could benefit you and your business, let us dwell deeper into the 5 reasons why you should take part in an exhibition now, according to Mr.Kompal Bhardwaj, Exhibition Expert & Consultant and General Manager at Dsigner Studio - one of the leading exhibition stall designers in Delhi!

1. Exhibition is a high podium to hoist your brand flag

A trade exhibition offers a unique platform to boost the visibility and acceptance of your brand, irrespective of the size of your business. It also offers an opportunity to display your brand in a powerful manner of grandiose, in order to give an impression that your business is the most pre-eminent one in the industry by having attractive product brochures, kiosks, innovative stall designs and customized stands in the exhibition.When the attendees see all that in person, their perception is enhanced and it increases the chance to build trust in your brand.

2. Exhibition is a large playing field to know your comrades and your competitors

Since the exhibition is going to have more business attendees like you in the industry, it will give you an opportunity to have a closer look at your competitors and their winning strategies. Moreover, you will also be able to connect with other businesses who are prospective vendors that you can collaborate with to expand your supply chain.Along with knowing your competitors and comrades, you will also get to learn of the latest developments and trends in your industry while at the exhibition.

3. Exhibition is a fool proof way to up your sales game and boost your leads

In the words of Mr. Kompal Bhardwaj who heads an energetic team of the best exhibition stand designers in the country, "A trade exhibition is hands down one of the best places to garner an abundance of people looking for products or services to satisfy their specific needs. And as the foot traffic increases in your stalls, your possibility of expanding your lead database, at a time, who might be interested in what you have to offer, will also go up.This eliminates the need to invest a ton of time and resources in making cold-calls or expensive modes of advertisements with no returns."

4. Exhibition is a relaxed meeting place to connect with your prospective customers

Once the leads are looped in, the probability of converting them into customers also increases. Rather than circulating a mere brochure or a sales call, an opportunity such as a trade exhibition will grant more time and traction in luring in your leads effectively to become your valued customers.As mentioned earlier, the face-to-face factor will give you an edge in rolling out your USPs and calibrating their response then and there. You will also be able to tweak your sales pitch accordingly and experiment new sales strategies to ensure a 100% conversion rate.

5. Exhibition is like a full house auditorium to launch your debut product or service

Have a new product or a service you wish to launch? Look and spend no further as a trade exhibition is going to be your most cost-effective medium of launching! All you need to do is to hire professional office interior design services to create a stall that resembles an attractive part of your office. This is just to give them a bird’s eye view of what your company’s infrastructure looks like in order to enhance your professional impressions.

And you will always have a full house of interested attendees who are looking to try and test novel ideas. This will give you greater leeway to demonstrate your debut products and services and have the prospective customers experience it first-hand and share their feedback, thereby, doubling your chances of sales immediately.In conclusion, a trade exhibition offers more than just a platform to showcase your products and services, and also helps you take your business acumen, up a notch.And while smart ones stick to social media marketing, the more seasoned and wise business tycoons come and take part in an exhibition to carve a niche for themselves.

A smart one or a wise one? Which one are you going to be? You choose!!

"For any further advice or suggestions, please feel free to mail your queries to our Exhibition Expert & Consultant, Mr. Kompal Bhardwaj at kompal@dsignerstudio.com and visit our website http://www.dsignerstudio.com/ for more details."


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