"Be as simple as you can be. You will be astonished to see how uncomplicated and happy your life can become." - Paramahansa Yogananda

There is absolutely no doubt that the best life is one where you are truly happy and everything around you is uncomplicated. And that comes from sheer simplicity in your way of life. That’s exactly what we at Dsigner Studio believe in. A simple way of life, a simple home to walk into and feel peaceful after facing a million struggles with the world.

Hello again! This is Kompal Bhardwaj, General Manager - Dsigner Studio, the residential interior designers in Delhi and NCR, and today I am going to be sharing with you the secret to living the most simple yet your best life. It is something that I hold close to my heart - Minimalist Interior Designs for homes.

There has been an increasing trend recently in more urban societies opting for minimalist interior design which is a unique type of residential interior designing where there is more than what meets the common eye.

From Bollywood celebrities to corporate tycoons, the home of many people is being designed in the most minimalistic manner so that through the simple layout of the design, one achieves a state of immense comfort and calmness surrounded by ambient space that allows the person to feel free and uninhibited.

But it is quite essential to understand how it works as each element in this type of interior designing is meticulously planned and crafted, keeping in mind the overall impact. So let’s cut to the chase and look at how you can use minimalist interior designs to live a simple yet the best life:

1. Keep It Spacious and Simple - Minimalist interior designs are about utilizing your home’s architectural aesthetics in the best possible way by having a minimum number of items around. Declutter if required and ensure that you use space-friendly, creative, functional, foldable furniture that can be stored away to create more space. This can be further enhanced by minimizing the number of partitions in a room.

2. Let there be light - when it comes to having simple interiors, it is also about how well-lit the place looks to accentuate its simplicity. This is brought in by the installation of big windows to allow more inflow of light and enhance the visual appeal of having more space in the rooms. Moreover, the cross-ventilation of air through the windows will also aid in keeping the rooms mold-free. The best way to ground a room is to also introduce natural materials and hues around. So that they fix the eyes as cozy focal points.

3. Go Monotone - the light that comes in is best felt when there are light-colored walls to reflect it. Go with white or lighter shades of grey. Walls and floors made with textured wood, natural or artificial stone, glass, or ceramics aid in giving a monotone look to the room.

4. Bring in the Geometry - having furniture and chandeliers with a slight bended form and in geometrical shapes amp up the visual appeal of the room, giving it an enhanced look of beautiful simplicity. Ensure that the proportions and colors of each element you add into the room are consistent with the overall design. Avoid curtains and opt for vertical or horizontal blinds.

5. Layer your lovely textile - Using plenty of cosy materials in your home for covers, area rugs, throw cushions, and sheets, you’ll be able to create a deep, rich look, yet still avoid clutter and fussiness. You can add a faux sheepskin rug and set it against your simple armchair for instant warmth. Casually placing a cover on your sofa will also add a sense of richness without disrupting the atmosphere of minimalism. This will help you warm and cosy up your minimalist home that might seem a bit sterile and cold without such embellishments.

6. Less is More - When it comes to the styling and minimalist interior, less really is more. Don’t Overdo surface and instead embrace the materials and texture of the furniture you already have. Choose high quality pieces that will last a lifetime such as a good set of glasses and a simple vas for flowers. A well places mirror will bring the entire look together while also bounce natural light around the room.

Uninhibited space, the brilliance of natural light and the presence of clean air to ventilate the rooms are the most crucial aspects for any room in your home to provide you with feel-good vibes without sacrificing your comfort too. And this is what minimalist interior designs are all about. They give you the unadulterated feel of home, making it your go-to space to come up with new ideas, unwind after a busy day or to just spend quality time with your loved ones.

I hope this blog has been simple and minimalistic and has offered an insightful tour into the world of one of the most sought-after interior design types that can make everything in your life simple and beautiful also “Let me help you find your best style! If you would like any further advice on residential interior design tips on how to make the most of your interior space, please feel free to mail your queries at kompal@dsignerstudio.com and visit our website http://www.dsignerstudio.com/ for more details.” .. Kompal Bhardwaj