Are you gearing up to launch your brand in an exhibition? Then I am positive that you are focused more on maximizing your foot traffic and sales in your stall. And I have reiterated on multiple occasions that you can achieve all that with having an innovative stand design for your stall. So, let me just cut right to the chase and tell you how you can get your game-changing stand designed by experts in the field of exhibition stand designing.

This is Kompal Bhardwaj, your very own Exhibition Expert & Consultant, from Dsigner Studio, the best exhibition stand designers in Delhi and NCR, and it gives me immense pleasure in bringing to you some of the interesting insights into the world of exhibition stand designing experts like my peers and myself.

So let me walk you through the various markers that can help you identify and choose an expert while prepping to create a phenomenal stand for your exhibition debut:

1. Reliable track record and portfolio

You can always dig into the previous works of these exhibitions stand designing experts by getting in touch with some of their earlier clients and understanding better from them on how legit these experts are with providing an assurance of the different aspects of the services they offer - starting from the quality of the material used in designing the stand to helping you assemble it at your stall for the exhibition.

This will give you an insight into how they value their clients which in turn will tell you how you would be valued as a client.

2. Empathetic towards your stall needs

It is important to hire an exhibition stand designing expert who understands what your needs are and your primary reason for taking part in an exhibition and accordingly formulate a design for you that will help you justify them in an impeccable manner.

Moreover, opt for an expert who can translate the language of your brand onto the stand through the size of the stand, the right and impactful graphics and design that can attract more visitors to your booth.

3. Customizes based on your budget

Ensure that the designer you hire can cater to your needs within your budget and does not slap you with last minute, unprecedented charges. An expert designer will always plan meticulously along with you about delivering your product with all the surcharges included and avoid creating any monetary hassles for you later on.

They ensure that the budget does not spill out of the agreed-upon boundaries, at any point of time, thereby, saving you the time to worry about additional expenses. An expert designer will offer innovative suggestions to boost the appeal of your exhibition stand and will do so with the best they can offer and also fit them into your budget.

4. Have strong work ethics

Deliver as promised and absolutely no delays. Period. That’s what expert exhibition stand designers live by. They are not the ones who will make a promise and then under-deliver or delay their delivery, causing you a panic attack.

They will ensure that your exhibition stands reach the destination before time, in the exact quality that was promised to you. No excuses are given. And even help you set it up in your booth.

5. Flexible

Ensure that the design expert who you hire is open to making revisions on-site as well as, sometimes due to some unexpected circumstances like change in the layout plan, Obstructions near stall are which was not parked in the layout; Neighbors stall hiding your stall or branding, the final design output get effected. Also they do not deceive you with substandard materials or designing.

From their pricing to what is the best they can do for you in terms of designing, they will be nothing but transparent with you. What you asked for is what you will get with such expert designers who have immensely strong work ethics.

By now you would have understood that it is extremely crucial to choose your exhibition stand designing expert wisely as it is not only an investment of your money but also of your time and efforts too. Your exhibition stand is the first and foremost object of display that visitors will see. And you cannot risk losing that chance!

I hope this blog post of mine has shed some light on how you can identify and differentiate an expert designer from a mediocre one or an amateur. Choosing an expert designer to design your exhibition stand will augment the foot traffic tremendously, with your stand that will “stand out”, thereby, boosting your chances of making your brand a huge hit with your participation at the exhibition. So choose wisely, my friend. Choose wisely.

This is Kompal Bhardwaj signing off until I meet you soon with another interesting topic of discussion. Ciao.

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