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  1. Make the best use of Social Media

Social Media is by far by the best way to keep your visitors engaged as it holds the efficacy to engage with all kinds of age groups and is something they are comfortable with.
Social Media is a full mark tactic if used in the right manner. People really want to go out there and let others know of what they are up to. So, why not make it easy for them by encouraging them to check-in,
Like or in fact just tweet.
The integration of social media comes with the perk of reaching out the non-attendees adding brand awareness and engagement both at the same time.
Social Media can help you win the game of engagement even before the game has begun. Encourage the stall visitors to check-in via your company social media handle and sky rocket your exhibition stall design reach and engagement.

  1. Brand Centric Games

One of the great ways to engage with your attendees at your stall design is through games as it just not brings engagement but also some fun in the act.
Games increase engagement time and allow your visitors to have a better eye over the marketing techniques you are offering. Although, all of this depends upon the kind of games you are offering. Well you definitely don’t want people to visit your design stall just for the sake of playing games so there are two clear ways to make the use of this tactic the right way.
First strategy would be Branded games – Introduce a competitive element and give a positive view of your brand and make people more receptive to your marketing strategies.
Second would be Experimental Games – Experimental games that are built around your brand message shows your brand at each step plus it engages the customer in a never tried before kind of a way which acts as an USP for your stall.

  1. Best Sales team for long lasting impression

Something that will matter the most to a stall visitor would be an end-to-end interaction with brand and for that, need of apt booth staffing is the most vital element.
Booth sales person is the one who comforts the potential customer with the brand. Hence, it is very important that the booth staff has appropriate skills to leave long lasting personal & brand impression on the visitors who are visiting our stall.
A well trained and dignified staff could drive unexpected amount of traffic to your booth. It is very important to make sure that each member of the staff understands their specific roles as they play an imperative role in building future relationships, prospects and clients. So a consideration of their personality, attitude towards exhibition experiences, performance and knowledge about the industry must be checked before assigning them their roles.

  1. Location plays a vital role

There are lots of things to consider when you are deciding the location of your stall design. It is always beneficial to let the organizer know about your product and services so he can make sure to allocate a location that is best suitable for your business.
Areas with low footfall such as aisles or areas that obstruct the view of your stall must be avoided. This might be an underestimated tip but the locations that are near washroom or the areas that offer refreshments would drive natural footfall.
Sometimes the chaos becomes overwhelming for the audience so they look out for a free space or a comfortable place to sit or even stand so some amount of clean clear space and a good seating arrangement will drive people to your stand just by its ambiance.

  1. Unique Brand Positioning

Your brand stall design positioning is the core reason why a consumer would want to end up at your exhibition stall. This is one of the most important factors on how your brand can place an everlasting picture in potential customers mind.
Don’t just focus on getting people in, Focus on the experience you want them to have when they’re there at your booth design.
If you’re a fun brand, your exhibition stand should reflect that. If you’re an innovative brand that is at the forefront of new developments, that should be reflected in your stand. If your point of difference to your competitors is customer service – make sure they receive outstanding customer services while they’re there.

Your visitors must know the message your brand is conveying because it’s all that matters in the end for you and the customer.

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