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Tips for Successful Exhibition Stall Design

1. First look should be Deal Breaker
They say first impression is last impression. When you are in middle of an ocean of competitors the very first impression of your stall could be a deal breaker and you will have to make sure that you are attracting maximum Exhibition visitors with the first look of your stall design.
Make sure that you are using some attractive colours & designs by being under the Brand Guidelines & making sure that brands message is clearly visible with the design.
Attracting more customers with good first look with ensure higher lead generation, more sales & better ROI from the Exhibition Participation.

2. Create Beautiful Entrances
A huge part of breaking the deal on first look depends on the beautification & comfort of the entrance. Make sure that the entrance is brand specific and there are bright lights being used.
The Brand logo should be given due prominence such that customers can recognize it with first look. Make sure that the entrance point is not cluttered with too many people & ensure that there is always someone from the team at the entrance to welcome visitors with a pleasant smile.

3. Brand colour should be given due Importance
Imagine big brands like McDonalds, Facebook, TATA etc. do you get a picture of their brand colour along with their logo in your mind? Yes you do.
Remember that even these brands have built themselves over a course of many years. Consult your exhibition stall designer to get the best out of your brand colour to be depicted in your stall design & due importance to be given to the logo of your company.

4. Space Management
This may sound like the most underrated tip but it is the heart of your stall Design. Imagine going to a place where you have to stress
your mind to stand or to walk. Make sure that the customers coming to our stall are not forced to stress for the same.
Utilize the space to the fullest such that we display our maximum products in best way possible & give the best user experience to customers visiting our stall by giving them enough to move around.
Not only that you may even consider exhibiting only the important products in order to make sure that the stall space doesn’t look cluttered.

5. Visitor Engagement
Once you have attracted enough visitors it’s very important to engage them & give them best experience with following tips:
Make sure that you have very well trained staff who is well spoken & professional in his/her approach.
Offering Refreshments like tea/coffee/chocolates etc. is another way of keeping visitors for more time at the stall which in return will give
more time for staff to interact with visitors.
You can consider doing a Facebook/Instagram live to give live updates of your stall as well as the event. This will boost social media
engagement of your brand.

6. Play with technology
With technology evolving & taking over day by day it is advisable to have some eye catchy engagement tools at your stall.
You may consider having Ipad, Video Wall and Interactive Video Screens etc. at your stall. This will help increase the engagement, attract more visitors & increase brand positivity.



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