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Reasons to exhibit in a trade show

  1. Face to Face Communication with prospective customers:

One of the biggest advantages of exhibiting in a trade show is that you meet face to face with a lot of prospective customers. In a world where many people are after outbound marketing like cold calls, emails etc. you get the best advantage of inbound marketing. Participating in an exhibition and interacting directly with your prospective customers is one of the biggest perks of exhibition participation.

  1. Improve your credibility to existing customers:

Invite your existing customers to visit your booth design; at the exhibition, you are participating in. The Wall Street Journal mentioned a study by Oxford Economics, a prominent financial publication that face-to-face meetings are the most effective way to strengthen relationships with both prospective customers and existing customers.

Hence, the presence of your existing customers at your stall design will improvise the chances of increasing your trust, credibility among your existing customers and lead to a long-lasting relationship.

  1. Comparatively easier to close deals:

According to the Simmons Market Research Bureau, almost half of the trade show attendees make purchases at trade shows.  91% of all trade show attendees claim that trade shows are of extreme use to their product and service. It becomes easier to convert a customer when the customer is in the mindset of purchase it makes closing deals an easy deal and an improved ROI can be seen as well.

  1. Better Brand Building:

According to Event View, 62% of marketing executives will choose event marketing to speed up and grow the brand position in the customer’s mind. Your Exhibition Stall Design at a trade show depicts your brand image at its best. Not only that, your engagement with customers at your booth design along with face to face communication builds a great amount of credibility amongst the customers for your brand which ultimately improves your brand building.

  1. Keep a Check on your Customers:

“Keep your customers close and your competitors closer”. While your main focus should be to attract prospects for your product or service, don’t forget to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. Keeping a check on what your competitors are doing right or wrong will help you make your business decisions wisely and will also help you improvise at a rapid rate.

Trade shows create great opportunities to build connections with competitors and understand their strategy, pricing, and many other elements.

  1. Optimize your sales team and pitching strategy:

Trade show booth is a real litmus test for your sales team. Your sales team gets exposed to a number of prospective customers and gets to interact face to face. This will help you to understand various skills & drawbacks of your sales team which can be improvised in time. Not only that, you can also work on various sales pitch to see which sales pitch is working best for the product or service.

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