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7 Ways to turn your exhibition participation objective into a successful reality.

1.Assure every step of the process contributes to your objective-

Your goal is to meet your objective and that ought to be in your mind at all possible times. Planning an exhibition stall design has a lot to be covered with be it engagement, participation, ROI, etc. But in the end, all that matters is whether your objective is being achieved or not. Creating a lucrative idea for high engagement be it however unique, if it does not compliment your objective it’s a waste. Hence, make sure each step of you and your team contributes to the betterment of the objective.

While you plan your exhibition you must ask yourself and remind your team of what your objective is- crystal clear. Once you know the question clearly only then smart and unique solutions make way and lead to a successful exhibition.


2. Plan and Prioritise integrated activities in advance-

Plan and Priorities all the elements of your exhibition well in advance. While you make a brief of all the activities to be done for your exhibition, it allows you to have a clear idea of what all you have included and what major points have you missed out on, that could contribute in your exhibition and help you work out of the ordinary and not stumble upon the default approach of exhibiting. Hence, planning and prioritizing activities in alignment and in advance leads to the high morale of the entire team on the day of the exhibition and helps you not to miss out on things that could make or break your show.


3. Keep your message crystal clear-

The alignment of your objective and message is the foundation of a successful show. Sometimes overtrying and extraordinary presentations glide your objective & message away. Making use of solutions that compliment your objective keeping it’s message clear is the idea of a successful exhibition. While you prepare a brief for your exhibition stall design or plan it, it helps in co-ordination of all the working elements and allows you to focus on your core message and keeps it real. A few simple messages are far more powerful than a hundred.

4. Understand your audience-

Understanding your audience has to be a top priority of your plan. Targeting a vast audience size isn’t the idea, reaching out to your prospect customers be it existing customers or new is. Understanding the audience at the exhibition in advance and comparing them with your personal customer profile might give you a clear vision of your target customers. You can then choose the right message to explain to your targeted audience and how you intend to solve their problems with your brand, product or service.


5. Implement lessons from past experiences-

A well planned and organized exhibition stall design calls for great research. If you have been a participant before there might be certain things that did not work out or maybe you missed out on minor details which you could only point out once you were already exhibiting. Applying helpful and benefitting lessons from your past exhibition experiences will save time and lead to better results both for you and your team.

6. Be real about your Brand, Product or Service-

As we all know honesty is the key, highlighting things that your product does not serve will not bring any success in the long run. Presenting the best of your product along with uniqueness is the core fundamental. Creating hype which has no existence will only lower credibility and in some cases, you might even lose the customers you already have. Hence, be real to your product or service.


7. Make a note of things you and your team thinks will lead to a successful exhibition

Making note of things that you think is a requirement for a successful exhibition will allow you to measure the success you are looking for. It also brings in various ideas you couldn’t think of in the ordinary course of planning, you get to know the perspective of your entire team for a successful exhibition, which makes it easy to assign your core members on the basis of what they understand well. Team Foundation is again a primary objective of a big show.


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