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1. Invitations-

Invitations play a vital role in making a difference when it comes to successful exhibition results. Pre-planning on your invitation is as crucial as participating in one, exhibitions are like festivals where you’ve got to make the most of it and hence you must be prepared. Making a list of your target audience and your existing clientele does wonders for you on the day of exhibition, as the entire hard work that you’re going to put up is  for your audience and when they show up on the day you’ve put  your brand/service  best foot forward you’ve already tasted half the flavor of your success.

2. Pre-mote (Promote) your show-

Are you even using social media if you haven’t made it of your use?

One of the key points that most of the people miss out on is promoting their show from their end. Make use of those brand profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any & every platform that you use. This basic idea of promotion can increase traction to your booth in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Never doubt the power of social media


3. Blogging-

Ever thought of blogging?  Well, if you haven’t do it now.  Blogging helps drive a lot of traffic and engagement. Making use of relevant content that provides value to the reader increases credibility and gives a personal touch about your brand/service to the audience. You can leverage your blogs to get emails from leads by asking them to subscribe to your blogs which later can be used for marketing purposes such as promoting your upcoming show or may be leaving a hint of your show in the blog. Blogs also happen to be shareable and when a reader shares it that validates for a credible business.


   Follow-up traditionally is meant to be done post the show and it must, but the planning on ‘how to follow up? ‘has to be spot on and pre-planned. Wrapping up a show is indeed a tedious task and in between that people tend to forget or ignore following –up and end up losing prospective clients in the process.  Make lead follow-up a priority and assign someone for the same from day 1.

5. Refresh your booth designs-

Are you participating in an exhibition for the first time? If not, it’s time to leave all your used ideas behind and lookout for a better inspiration or maybe get one.  Of course, your logo and brand color remains the same but the idea of designing your booth must be tapped at refresh. Maybe churn a new team of designers or finally implement that design you’ve had stored at the back of your head.

6.Business Cards-

Business cards are a marketing tool in itself. It helps you initiate a conversation and also end it at the right note. In cases where you lack time & attention and you know you are about to lose a prospect a business card almost saves the day and it’s probably the cheapest way to market your information to your audience, so carry your business cards wherever you go. Don’t forget ‘ em folks!





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